Monday, March 21, 2005


by AJ/Skald

Here?s another gem from Tom Peters-- men who retire early live longer. Those who retire later live much shorter lives. Is anyone surprised by this?

Wage slavery not only sucks... it is deadly. Its nice to see it summed up in years. Working (literally) takes years off your life. Now theres a compelling reason to retire now... or at least semi retire. Its time we stopped thinking of freedom, bliss, and autonomy as something that is given to us after age 65. That is an idiotic notion. Its also a lie.

The time to retire is right now! Quit the shitty job right now. Follow your bliss right now. Or, at the very least, start working towards free agency and freelancing right now [And yes its time for me to follow my own advice, right now!].

The heart of the matter is that the 1950s are over (thank god). Its time to retire the ridiculous notion that a company or government will be responsible for us. There are no rules anymore. No one is going to reward you for being nice.

Look whats happening to the baby boomers. They played by the rules. They remained loyal to the company. They sold their bliss for security. How were they REWARDED? With downsizing, outsourcing, layoffs, and termination. As soon as they were no longer useful, they were cast away. They put their lives in the hands of IBM, GE, and the rest and got a thorough screwing over as their reward.

These poor bastards love to complain about the APATHETIC generations that followed them... but at least we arent so fucking gullible. We arent stupid enough to get excited about a job. We know better than to give our loyalty to an amoral company or government. We know we have to look out for ourselves... and each other.

We know that fulfilment never comes from wage slavery.

So forget the gold watch. Forget the golden parachute. Forget loyalty. Those are lies sold to suckers.

Seize your own freedom. Follow your bliss.

Retire Now.

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