Monday, March 28, 2005

The Dark Prince

by Skald

I crave intensity.

I crave transcendence.

I crave deep aromas.

I crave great sex.

I crave flow. ocilliation. dance.

I crave strength. I crave wildness.

I crave magic and mystery.

But my life is devoid of these things. My life is a grey drone. Sexless, mild, irritating, bland, uniform, weak, tame, emasculated.

I crave a wild ride but am on a slow and steady one. Ive got the mind of a taoist but the heart of a pagan. My heart is malnourished.

What I would give for a vial of LSD.... or a bag full of mushrooms. Or to be shocked and amazed in any way.

I want to lose control.

I crave encounters with the extraordinary. LSD, mushrooms, and wild women are not available to me. So I will seek the dark prince. The one mysterious and unnerving ally available to me:

Salvia Divinorum.


D. Smallwood said...

Too bad, AJ - you were just a few years too late! Maybe once you meet the right people, you can find out who's still growing these things.

AJ said...

Great suggestion. I have grown shrooms in before... in the States. But Japan is a much tougher place (though the damn things were essentially legal just a few years ago).

Might just have to take a vacation to Thailand!!