Sunday, March 20, 2005


by AJ/Skald

I will say that this experience (wage slavery in Japan) has reminded me of many valuable lessons. It has forced a radical reassessment of my situation and the thought processes that led to it. Casteneda wrote that a "warrior" views everything as a challenge and does not judge them as good or bad. Im trying to cultivate that attitude to see what I can learn about myself from this situation.

One big lesson: Never make money a deciding factor. I need to eat... but I came here with dollars (yen) in my eyes and am paying the price. And for that reason, I (and I alone) am responsible for my current mess!

This has been a recurrent theme for me... whenever I chase money I am miserable. But when I commit to freedom, purpose, bliss, and learning... money always seems to come. Maybe not in heaps,... but there's always enough.

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brett said...

I find your attitude change refreshing.