Monday, March 21, 2005

God Bless The Freaks

by AJ/Skald

The weather warms and out come the freaks.

Hordes of girls clad in baby-doll outfits: poofy knee-length skirts, lacy blouses, frilly ribbons in their hair, high boots, technicolor makeup.

Futuro-punk-metal chicks: thigh high boots with metal knees, road warrior chest protectors, silver and black makeup-- like a convention of the Oakland Raider-nation.

Guys in hip-hop regalia... baggy pants, side-turned baseball caps, oversized jerseys,... all displayed with a sliding strut.

The weather warms and black-clad, conservative Japan comes alive! Freaks everywhere. Besides the extreme examples, there are an assortment of stylish, funky, artsy folks walking the streets of Hiroshima today. What happened?

Warm weather has awakened the inner funk. And that, in turn, has brightened my mood considerably. I love freaks. I love eccentrics. I love artists. I love nonconformists. I love diversity. I love weirdos.

So Japan is not as straight laced as originally thought. Apparently they were bundled up in their winter clothes.. biding their time like expectant cherry blossoms... ready to burst on the scene at the first hint of Spring.

Spring is coming... and the freaks are blooming.

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