Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Getting Real

by AJ/Skald

Much thanks to all the readers who either emailed or commented on my recent Japan posts. This is the beauty of a blog.... its interactive. Your feedback was a wake up call. I stopped. I read over my Japan posts. I compared them to previous posts. Something was amiss.

In Thailand I wrote rants... but much of my stuff was ecstatic and passionate. Since arriving here... Ive been whining, ranting, bitching, and moaning without end.

Time to get real. I made a decision-- and I did so freely. I came here hoping to save money. I had opportunities at Thailands top two universities... much easier, much more relaxed, much more fun jobs. But I rushed things and came here without doing the necessary homework.

So it sucks. Ive thrown my tantrums but its time to take responsibility and make some decisions. I began today by meeting with my employers-- told them I did not want to live in a po-dunk hellhole-- but rather am determined to live in Hiroshima City. They are considering my "request". I will meet with them tomorrow and continue negotiations.

Im much clearer about what I need. I need to have time and energy for writing and a social life. I need more autonomy in the classroom. If I get these things I will stay, if not, I will go. No more whiney bullshit-- I know what I want. Ill either get it or I wont.

Meanwhile I intend to enjoy as much of my life outside of work as possible. Thankfully, that aspect of Hiroshima is quite good. Ill seek out hot spring baths (ah, the wonderful decadence ), Ill go out with my new friends, Ill explore the city and the region, Ill be a parttime traveler/explorer.

By the end of next month, Ill have a clear idea of whether the job situation is salvagable or not. If not, Ive got good options elsewhere.

So thanks to all for your kind words, your blunt words, and your concern.

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