Saturday, March 05, 2005


by AJ/Skald

Tom Peters had a great post about the power of fury. Fury is indeed a powerful force-- especially in the form of righteous rage: rage against injustice, rage against conformity, rage against cruelty, rage against the machine. Destruction is, after all, the necessary first step of creation. To make something glorious we must first destroy the ugly edifice of conditioned thought. To evolve we must destroy our old selves. To be reborn, we must first die.

Fury has great power. Much of my fury comes from righteous rage against the evils of drudgery and wage slavery. Monotony enrages me... Authority and control enrage me. Pettiness and cruelty enrage me. The whole boss-subordinate system enrages me.

That rage drives me. It quickly corrects my mistakes (such as the current Japan debacle). It has led me towards greater freedom, autonomy, and passion. We are all taught to be nice and play by the rules but that is often a recipe for slavery. Sometimes freedom requires us to be disagreeable. Sometimes it requires us to be fierce and ruthless towards those who would imprison us.

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