Sunday, June 24, 2007

Independence Day

The time has arrived.

Tonight I write my resignation letter. With luck, it will be the last such letter I ever write... for the last job I ever have.

My final day of employment will be July 12th--

The next day, I board a plane to Mexico City to celebrate my Independence Day.

It has been a very long struggle. A long long struggle for financial independence-- for freedom from wage slavery. Finally, after many experiments-- I am free.

Now the fun really begins. Now its time to revel in possibilities. What's next?

Well, First Im going to take 6 months to re-invent my life. Wage slavery does bad things to you. It tightens your heart and makes your mind rigid. I've been stuck in the same routine for over a year and a half. My first task is to shake things up-- get out and live. After that, Ill think in bigger and deeper terms.

But for 6 months Im just going to have fun, dammit!

Here's a sample of possible mini-adventures for the next 6 months:
*SCUBA course and diving in Monterey Bay
*6 day hike in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
*Salsa dancing lessons
*Drawing workshops
*TPR Storytelling workshop
*Motorcycle class
*Spanish study
*Trip to L.A. and the Grand Canyon
*Camping & Hiking in Redwoods
*Diving in Honduras
*Spanish classes in Central or South America
*10 day Vipassana meditation course
*Tour Japan (onsens, hiking, castles, etc.)

That should keep me busy for a few months-- and break the mental chains of lethargy and routine.

Ill update you all on these mini-adventures, and my slow healing from wage slavery.

Meanwhile, I look forward to celebrating my Independence Day-- July 12th!

Take care and don't give up.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Jessica's Birthday

Today is Jessica's birthday. I still think of her often-- but especially on her birthday. I remember her unrivaled enthusiasm for life. Its a trait that all who knew her remember. She was unique in the best and brightest sense of that word.

I hope that today, we can remember that brightness. Of course, I still feel sad when I think about her death. But as time passes, I try to focus more on her life. I feel that she still has much to say to all of us. Even now, she is telling us-- live life with joy, enthusiasm, and passion. Don't waste time on pettiness. Never give in to despair.

This week, take a little time to think about her. Quiet your mind. Remember.

And listen very carefully. You can still hear her speaking. Today. Now.

Visit Jessica's memorial website at: