Sunday, June 24, 2007

Independence Day

The time has arrived.

Tonight I write my resignation letter. With luck, it will be the last such letter I ever write... for the last job I ever have.

My final day of employment will be July 12th--

The next day, I board a plane to Mexico City to celebrate my Independence Day.

It has been a very long struggle. A long long struggle for financial independence-- for freedom from wage slavery. Finally, after many experiments-- I am free.

Now the fun really begins. Now its time to revel in possibilities. What's next?

Well, First Im going to take 6 months to re-invent my life. Wage slavery does bad things to you. It tightens your heart and makes your mind rigid. I've been stuck in the same routine for over a year and a half. My first task is to shake things up-- get out and live. After that, Ill think in bigger and deeper terms.

But for 6 months Im just going to have fun, dammit!

Here's a sample of possible mini-adventures for the next 6 months:
*SCUBA course and diving in Monterey Bay
*6 day hike in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
*Salsa dancing lessons
*Drawing workshops
*TPR Storytelling workshop
*Motorcycle class
*Spanish study
*Trip to L.A. and the Grand Canyon
*Camping & Hiking in Redwoods
*Diving in Honduras
*Spanish classes in Central or South America
*10 day Vipassana meditation course
*Tour Japan (onsens, hiking, castles, etc.)

That should keep me busy for a few months-- and break the mental chains of lethargy and routine.

Ill update you all on these mini-adventures, and my slow healing from wage slavery.

Meanwhile, I look forward to celebrating my Independence Day-- July 12th!

Take care and don't give up.

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Anonymous said...

...your next adveture is quickly approaching. I wish you nothing but the best!

You have no idea how your writings have re-inspired me to leave the golden shackles of my current mentally & physically debilitating desk job behind and figure things out again on my own terms (this will be my second attempt at intentionally trying to live "job" free) at 28 years old. I already know it's a slow and sometimes painful (mostly psychologically for me dealing w/ family members & friends who just don't get it) process, but out of all the "hobopoet" types I've read on the web your life experiences & goals are the most similar to my own. Thank you.


-Your younger twin brother from a different mother-