Monday, March 28, 2005


by AJ

Gasping, balding, pathetic.

I feel like Charlie Kaufman. Class ended at 9:00pm. Next train to Hiroshima-- 9:16 (and they do leave on the minute). I dashed out of class to the bathroom, peed as fast as I could, jumped down the stairs... and sprinted out the door.

Twelve minutes to go. Bag clutched under one arm, I set off at a brisk clog. Plastic loafers clomped like horseshoes. Change jingled in my pocket.

Four minutes later... Im was breathing hard.

Six minutes later... my legs were burning and Im was huffing.

8 minutes later... my legs were rubber-- I gasped as the train station came into sight. I felt much as I did during mile 25 of my last marathon: I talked to myself and pushed onwards... //almost there... keep going//.

I stumbled up the stairs and wobbled to the ticket machine. I coughed and rasped as I grabbed the ticket and walked to the platform in a daze.

Three years ago I ran a marathon.

Now Im laid low by a 10 minute jog to the train station. Fucking pathetic.

Ive got to do something about this. Ive really let myself go.

Have I become Charlie Kaufman? This sounds like the intro to ADAPTATION.

Im only 37.

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