Monday, March 21, 2005


by AJ/Skald

Wherever I end up, it is clear its time for me to move into freelancing. This employee shit has got to end. Ive reached the end of my rope with it. It feels like regression. And, in fact, it is. The boss-employee relationship is a surrogate for the parent-child relationship. Its a relationship of dependence. Its a relationship of authority.

Its a relationship that stunts development. Im old enough to make my own decisions, for godssake. And Im far too old to be depending on someone else for my basic needs. Freelancing is a natural and necessary stage. We cannot be responsible for our own lives without it. We cannot be self-reliant so long as we spend 8 hours a day in childish relationships with bosses.

This stint at David English, while unpleasant, has certainly emphasized these points. Its taught me that Ive thought about and talked about freelancing long enough. Ive gone the carliving hobo route (and may do so again)-- but I also want to create a comfortable income that does not involve slavery.

We all have to discover our ?enough? point. For some it is a pure hobo life... living on the road, camping under the stars, drifting from place to place penniless. For me, its a student-writer?s lifestyle: a tiny cubicle (or van) & money for eating out, coffee shops, travel, books, and other simple pleasures --Plenty of time for contemplation, writing, and the pursuit of bliss.

Others may want more-- a small house, their own business, etc... The most important thing is to realize that whatever the point, there is in fact a thing called //enough//. Its a radical notion for Americans. Most cant imagine the concept. However much they have, they want more. I read a quote from a multimillionaire who said (something to the effect that) ?Anyone who thinks a million dollars is enough will never make that much in the first place?. Perhaps thats true... but its a pathetic statement.

What kind of sad fucker makes several million... then cant think of anything more meaningful to do than make more. Got 10 million? They want 15. What lack of imagination. What sorry fucking lives.

Most Americans think this way, although on a smaller scale. They are always contemplating a bigger house, a newer car, fancier gadgets, higher paying jobs, more CDs, nicer clothes-- rats on a wheel.... round and round and round.

Aristocrats of old recognized that wealth freed them for other pursuits. They indulged in a tremendous variety of eccentricities, explorations, perversions, experiments, arts, and spiritual practices. Once their material needs were met, they turned their attention to grander pursuits.

Such is the hobopoet approach to life. We live simply (however we define that) so that we may free our lives from the tyranny of economics.... so that we may be free to pursue grander visions... so that we may follow our bliss. Thats the essence of it. Thats the thread that connects Sunwalkers dream of walking North America, Matt Salleh?s SE Asian adventures, my own wanderings, Stefan?s ambulance living experiment, Tom Asacker?s entrepreneurial efforts, Kerouac?s road journeys, Basho?s pilgrimages, the Cyberhobo?s hi-tech drifting, Ralf Pott?s vagabonding,.....

?Enough?. Its a beautiful word.

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