Monday, March 07, 2005


by AJ/Skald

Lost in a dance of light and color. I am on the pale road where thoughts grow thin. It buzzes: the laughter, hushed conversation, click of the keyboard, tap of my feet,.... A chemical reaction. An alchemal mix of feeling and perception. I am being moved.... but I know not where... nor towards what.

Its like the first mushroom rush.... being swept away by waves of light, sound, countours, faces, voices, aromas.... Its like the first plunge of falling in love. I am headlong in love with my life.
Stunned. Speechless.

Heart struck by every face I see. Painful, aching ecstasy. Hopelessly lost.

Im an Indradic God at the bejeweled center of the universe. All of life is dancing around me.

I sit alone and grin like a simple idiot. No one notices because I am the empty center around which they swirl. Invisible.

Ive been here all day. Open and receptive. Lost in reverie.

Hopelessly, painfully, beautifully

in love.

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