Monday, March 21, 2005


by AJ/Skald

I used to be such a nice guy.
--Fight Club

That line from Fight Club keeps running through my head lately. I feel the same. Throughout my life, Ive always been described as NICE. What happened?

Eventually, I got sick of being nice. I got sick of living according to other peoples priorities. I got sick of overbearing bosses. I got sick of feeling trapped. The break came about three years ago... I decided I preferred bliss to popularity. I realized that no one was trapping me but myself. I was trapped by my pride. I was trapped by my fear.

This is true of so many people. How many stick out shitty jobs in the name of being responsible? How many deny their dreams because they are afraid of what people would think? How many do what is expected because they are terrified of public opinion? How many confuse cowardice with NICE?

Here at my current job, there is a guy everyone describes as a //tortured writer//. Why is he tortured? Because hes been working this shit job for years rather than writing. He hates himself for it. Why doesnt he quit and write? Why doesnt he walk out that fucking door TODAY?

I dont know. But everyone agrees: hes a NICE guy.

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