Wednesday, May 14, 2003

YHP- Post It Poet
by Matt Salleh

I’ve decided that the world needs more poetry.

I recently attended a funeral and a wedding. On both occasions poetry was recited to invoke the human spirit, albeit for different purposes. I asked myself if those should be the only two times in life when people spout poetry. The answer was a resounding NO.

But what to do?

Give people poetry. Disposable poetry with no strings attached. Poems that could be found in any location, at any time, completely unexpected with no author, no gratification and no criticism. A pure art form. I was sure it would change the world somehow, at least for a few people.

I came up with a plan. I’m not sure when the Muses presented the idea to me. I’m not sure how it evolved. But to me, it was ingenious.

I would write poems on Post-It notes and leave them in random locations throughout the city. The Muses were smiling. I set to work. I procured a bunch of Post-Its from work. I sauntered to Jittery Joe’s 5- points, ordered myself a coffee and set to work. I wrote tons of poems. Some were placed immediately. Others were kept in my man-purse for use at a later time, whenever I might be in a new locale and in need of a random Post-It poem.

On those small sheets of yellow paper I wrote things like:

A Post-It from Buddha
Crush my bones and
filter me into a pot.
Make me into a cup of
spiritual coffee
Drink me to awaken your
body and mind.

-Post-It Poet
(posted on the bottom of a coffee mug at Blue Sky)


Of All Things innate in Humans
to eat
and know the Holy

-Post-It Poet
(rolled up in the toilet paper at Espresso Royale)


here you are.
You are a poem.

-Post-It Poet
(posted on the mirror of Jittery Joe’s bathroom)


awaits time.
A Poem
This life

-Post-It Poet
(posted on a phone booth downtown)

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