Friday, May 02, 2003

Hobovan Journal, entry dated 6/12/02
The problem with work is that you are always doing someone else's work (Kerouac). Indeed, employment is always servitude to another's values... and these usually involve greed, control, fear, and security. I hate to see what work does to people. Few people have energy to devote to their own lives. No one has time for their family or friends. The few scraps they call "free time" are spent doing errands or "recovering" from the stress of work.

I hate work because it stunts growth. Jobs mold adults into children--- middle age men asking "permission" to make a decision, to take a day off, to visit a dying parent, to take a shit, to go home early.... And the bosses-- fat-eyed bastards lording it over their "subordinates". How I detest this degradation.

Clearly, the true revolution is the revolution of everyday life... and nothing dominates everyday American life like work.

I choose a nobler life. Though by no means completely free,... I am now freer than most. I have no fear. I laugh at layoffs and dare the hierarchy to fire me. I no longer avoid eye contact with supervisors. I have taken back my dignity. I have destroyed the "employee" archtype. I choose ancient archtypes: I will be a poet, an artist, a pilgrim, a nomad, a hobo, an explorer. I will live a life that has blood and passion. I will creep through the woods at night. I will dive into dumpsters. I will sneer at bosses and at the very idea of a boss. And when its time to go, I will not quit.... I will simply leave.

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