Thursday, May 15, 2003

Notes from the Hobopoet Joe Reynolds

After a small scare today (loose ignition switch) I got a small solar recharger for the car battery. Also retightened the switch in place - whew, motor would barely turn over! Anyhow I can't run with inverter on all the time as battery does need a full charge somewhere along the line!

This way the car will be maintained which is priority one. If no running van then all else falls down.
However there are larger cheap panels and some not so cheap that will also keep the battery charged.

Just wish finding a job and place to live was as easy. That is the funny part, I mean I am making enough to make me partially independent of the "system" but not enough to be part of it?

Welcome to the new America.
Abandon all dreams beyond this point at least it says to above the portal...

Decided to rent the remake of Lolita on DVD. Should be interesting, wonder if it will seem as funny as the one with James Mason and Peter Sellers did to me when I was a kid. (Sorry folks back then Sue Lyons never reminded me of the twelve year old girls I knew. Eighteen yeah but come on, she looked like a rown up to this kid!)

Bit of excitment this morning- looked like another break-in but turned out Gamar just forgot to lock up the carpet shop last night!
Dropped in at John's and shared some coffee and time. We both are feeling a bit lonely. In his case the wife is now absent with her friends all the time. He is thinking of going up by family in Oregon. He mentioned some property one bought, slightly over two acres, small log house just off highway with all utilities and only cost three thousand...

Of course the price is a dead give away there is zero work available in the area.
Jumbo-sized Rats!!!!!
Wll can't have it all, I guess!
Take care, Joe

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