Sunday, May 04, 2003

Our "Skalds Guild"

Wanderers, poets, sorcerer-shamans, warriors, freemen. In viking times "skalds" wandered the world from Scotland to the Middle East... composing poetic sagas for kings and peasants. Some drifted endlessly... others settled for a time, perhaps serving as court poet to some local chieftain.

The skalds delved into sorcery and rune-craft.... ever searching for the spiritual and the mysterious. They followed signs and omens. They sought visions. They meditated.

They lived simply-- always ready to move on. They valued self-reliance and were fiercely independant-- refusing to swear allegiance to any king (though many received patronage from rulers eager for word-fame or counsel).

Though beholden to no one they did form alliances-- a guild in fact-- a Skalds Guild. They met and exchanged stories. They travelled together and hosted one another in their homes. They swapped poems and shamanic practices. They came to the aid of poets in need. They shared intelligence, secrets, and practices learned from the worlds they travelled. They recruited and trained new skalds--passing on their knowledge.

Announcing the formation of a new guild of Skalds!! We will wander the world in search of visions and satoris!

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