Saturday, May 03, 2003

World Mind Society- Living in Your Vehicle
Pirated from: World Mind Society

Rather than being stuck in a given place with the same neighbors, problems and mortgage payments for the next 20+ years, imagine what it would be like to live in freedom. Living in a vehicle such as RV or van grants the ability to literally migrate with the seasons, and live in eternal spring and summer if so desired. Any location arrived at, (within reason) instantly becomes home to be enjoyed in full. Life on the road caters to the spirit of exploration, where an extreme simplicity of daily routine is matched only by an extreme diversity of environments to choose from. Generally speaking it is only the older generation who have finally decided to enjoy life, and who live by way of RV or RV converted van, (or boat). Most people seem to feel that they need to use the word retirement as a justification for their freedom from wage slavery. We don't need a justification for efficient and natural living. The value of these qualities is self-explanatory. Many people object to the idea of such freedom simply because they chide themselves for not having the courage to live it out themselves. Orthodox materialists maintain a "pay your dues" mentality, because they have suffered and striven to be the subject of envious gossip and taught their children to do the same. They feel that others should suffer and strive as they did. Orthodox materialists take great pains not to acknowledge that they have lived a lie. They treat as outcast in fact, anyone who does not possess their "club membership" in the cult of materialism. Such people prefer a caste system approach to social organization based upon money, which predictably gives them a greedy advantage over everyone else. This advantage however, lasts only so long as everyone else plays the same make-believe game. All persons should live and be treated as equals, because as conscious beings we are in fact equal. To the soul and to God, money and position are irrelevant. So don't be fooled by the materialistic ideas that are literally tearing this world apart.

Seek out the paradise of your own choosing by exploring all cities, towns, attractions and public lands as opportunities for new experiences. One aspect of a fulfilling life is no doubt found in the greater number of options available to it in each moment. Every town, city, national forest, beach, lake, mountain and cave are the options available to the free spirit. Adventure will be available on demand, simply because you have chosen a life that allows the free time with which you may enjoy and understand life.

Among the symptoms of the modern disease, is the using up of the time and options contained in each 5-minute period with some socially acceptable activity. If a person is not "doing something" with their time each minute of the day, then it is supposedly being "wasted." There are a great many important accomplishments in life, which directly depend upon the ability to do absolutely nothing in the external sense, so that the internal realm of mind and spirit may be properly developed. We need this time to focus introspectively, to make clear decisions and to cultivate a clear, peaceful and intelligent mind. This absolutely cannot be done when a person is constantly distracting themselves with an endless stream of activities. What is most suspect about our cultural definition of "doing something" is that only material, external changes are considered accomplishments. We do not recognize, or for the most part consider important, the inner achievements of greater love, clarity, spiritual perception, health or mental ability. All of these areas of development are considered basically worthless until they are converted into some touchable object. This attitude represents one of the tragic errors of Western thinking in our present day culture. What we fail to recognize is that all external achievement is preceded by a paralleling internal state. All outer change depends entirely upon inner transformation. The inner state is therefore an even more important consideration than the outer one. It is true that the physical demonstration of inner focus is a solid test of its authenticity. But this does not imply by any means that a focus upon inner transformation is an unworthy one. A comprehensive inner development is in fact the primary goal for the truly responsible person.

As the stress of unwisely used technology and unnatural living increase among us, the individual must take it upon themselves to cultivate a progressive inner state of being. Living free in you own vehicle will allow you to do this. There will be many who, in their ignorance or envy will look at such a lifestyle with a troubled gaze. The self contained "nomad on wheels" no longer "plays the game" of material competition, and may in a very real sense be compared to the ascetics of ancient times. They have rejected the assumptions and unnaturalness of modern living. They are not hypnotized by a fascination for self-destructive money grabbing, preferring instead to maintain sanity and clarity. The modern person on the average breaks the well being of their mind and body to accumulate houses, lands and cars, which are supposedly a measure of success. Sadly, they do not even have the time or free energy to enjoy all of these things. So possessed are they by their possessions, that insanity, disease and chronic dissatisfaction become their only true and lasting companions. This modern state of affairs is the result of the single-minded fixation upon the greed for more and more. The nomad ascetic, however, actually owns very little. Yet they have all the time in the world to fully enjoy the forest, the earth and the greater health of body, mind and spirit without being possessed by materialism.

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