Thursday, May 15, 2003

Dancing with the Most Noble Prince
by Skald Hareksson, journal entry dated 7/25/02

Two deep hits last night.... the little lego people came again but then I became enmeshed among them, one of them... I was a vibrating quantum packet in a field of other red and tan packets.

I moved through them and passed into new rooms, different worlds, but no discernible macro phenomenon. Where was I? Had I blended with the sub-atomic? Was I a living particle? Everything vibrated.

Towards the end I felt somewhat lost and shaken.... remembered that I was an "I" but what was I? Where did I come from? What form did I usually take? Could I get back?

Quite strange, to forget you are human (or to remember that you are a vibrating field of quantum Tao).

Eventually I begin to remember.... I'm human!...... I was in a room..... I smoked salvia!!!! That's right... and I remember names... Todd,... Lewis.... slowly I return to the ordinary world.

I open my eyes. I'm sweating.

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