Tuesday, May 13, 2003

A Benefit of the Hobopoet Life
Next week I'm off to do a ten day Vipassana Meditation retreat (fellow Hobopoet Todd/Sky will also be doing the retreat). Having the freedom and flexibility to take this sort of time off is what the Hobopoet life is all about. Though employed, I don't have to worry about vacation time, sick leave, or all that non-sense. I simply told my employers when I would be out of town and took the time without pay... with this lifestyle, that's no hardship.

In the past I would have "asked permission" to take time off... like some damned child going to mommy and daddy. But my increased freedom means that Im not afraid of being fired (and in fact I would have quit if I my employers "forbade" me to leave). So I'm still working part-time but I have much more freedom AND my dignity remains in tact.

That said, I am very curious/excited about the Vipassana retreat, as it will be my first. I'm also a little intimidated... as it will be 10 straight days of nothing but meditation. Still, I am thrilled to finally be doing this. My vision of the Hobopoet life has always been one of spiritual practice and creativity. I envision a clan of modern pilgrim-poets.... wandering the world, pursuing their life's vision, writing, painting, meditating, learning, exploring. I haven't done much of this this year, as my energies were focused on adapting to life in the van and adapting to life with very little money.

But now I have adapted and am finally ready to more fully enjoy the fruits of the Hobopoet life!!

Sky and I will report on the retreat next month.

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