Thursday, May 15, 2003

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So anyway, today started slow with me getting up just before seven and starting the clean up rounds. Jimmy showed up obstensibly to finish the roof over Lang's and some work on the sprinklers but he was acting a mite on the bizarrre side. Nothing I could definitely say but he was raising the hackles on my neck and the sooner I was away the better. There are a couple of people who want me to room with him to keep an eye on him which is not what ither his mother or grandma want. Besides I didn't care for the way he was hitting me up for cash.

I have much better use for my money. Haircut and more laundry this week. Computer time is free for me this week - I did a favor for them here and I am paid with free time online.

I love my cheapo inverter. Four hundred blazing watts to charge laptop or cell phone now that I am looking into them. Trac phone offers no contract but first few minutes a day come to two-fifty and ten cents a minute after that. And if I use that as a modem- well at six bucks an hour to be online Cyberzone is cheaper at two an hour (unless they owe you favor and make it free and unlimited - unkless they are closed of course!).

Nextel- I have to call them because for under sixty a month I get four or six hundred anytime (forty cents per minute after that) and unlimited night and weekends. Additional ten bucks and they will give me email access and use of them as ISP and my phone as modem. That may be the best Thing is I have to give them a year contract with a two hundred buck fee if I cancell early. That part makes me worrry a little but it may be something I can live with. hell probably not as much of a problem as I can dream up; I do tend to be a worry-w! art.

Also have found nice not too expensive fifteen amp solar charger that I can mount on van roof or just plain old on dashboard when not running. Plugs into cigarette lighter to charge car battery or into (Taaa-Dah) sealed storage rechagable battery meant for when you have a dead battery. It also has two plug outlets so you can charge laptops or cell phones or lights when camping. So for about a hundred/hundred twenty I can be independent of the power grid or running stuff with my car engine running (so my battery doesn't die). I am not sure what my cost of electricity is using my van as a gas powered generator but I assume it isn't cheap or anything near to "competative". Cost-effective? I doubt it but under the circumstances there isn't a lot of choice.

Two solar panels would be best maybe but that can wait. However it makes me wish the van was one of those camper RVs! They have showers and kitchens and a toilet (that has to be pumped out every now and then or hooked up to sewerage in campground.) ( You have no idea how attractive that sounds to me compared to what I am doing now!!!!)

Last night had a treat, when pizza palor was closing the owner gave me the remaining half of a medium pie with chicken and garlic. He would have had to throw it out as it was what they were eating and it being only the two last night there were left-overs for once. It was pretty good I have to say. I'll order that nexttime I am getting a pizza!

So anyway I had a beer I bought at Lang's - Arrogant Bastard Beer , it has a rather mean looking devil on bottle with caption "you aren't worthy". Went well with the pizza as I played a DVD on my laptop. Not to bad a way to end the day especially considering everything!

Well okay so an anime feature and some writing for about half an hour and I was down to eighteen percent power on my battery and I decided to call it a night. No reading, no radio just straight to put stuff away. Brush teeth in the bathroom - lotsa fun when the power isn't on - which is why I am so rechargable battery oriented right now. Yes and I did see that nice solar-powered battery charger on Real Goods!

So what am I just lucky but not lucky enough or some new type of homeless person or just a dumb schmuck who hasn't seen the wall approaching at about ninety miles an hour and will find out when I splat that this moth-race is over.
See I told you I'm a worry-wart!
Zen hugs, Joe

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