Thursday, August 25, 2005

Smug Stereotypes

by AJ

Some good-meaning, lefty, PC folks at home occaisionally make cracks about "Asian women". They think Asia is a terrible haven of male dominance and that Asian women are meek slaves who obey without complaint. Few of these Americans have actually been to Asia- but since when has lack of direct experience prevented us from proclaiming ourselves as "experts" :)

I do have direct experience... in Korea, Japan, India, and Thailand... and I state unequivocably- the Americans are wrong!

Women are the future of Asia. One look around my classes gives me a crystal ball into the future: 70% women... 80% women.. in some, as high as 95% women. Asian women are the future. They are smart, they are creative, and they are getting educated at MUCH higer rates than Asian men.

And you can forget the meek stereotype too... thats a 1950s notion. The Thai and Japanese women I know are fed up with the good-old-boy system and arent shy about saying so. In their work choices, their dating choices, their educational choices... they are asserting themselves in huge numbers.

American feminists and "liberals" often look down their nose at these women because they arent as combative and ill-tempered as they are. They mistake loudness with power. To be sure, Asian women dont practice the in-your-face approach advocated in the West... but they are nevertheless kicking ass and taking charge.

These things dont happen overnight. Sure, the governments are still controlled by men (just as they are in America and Europe). Sure, the CEOs are mostly men (as in the US). But a massive shift is taking place.

Watch out. For in the words of Tom Peters... "Tomorrow belongs to [Asian] women".

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