Thursday, August 04, 2005


by AJ

Uh oh... there's no going back. Im already addicted to my motorcyle. The experience of riding it is so much more immediate than driving a car. No windshield or doors between me and the world (nor between me and other cars). Without doubt, its more dangerous than a car-- another factor which sharpens the senses when I drive it.

This is especially true in Bangkok... where there are few (observed) traffic laws. No one stays in lanes-- and motorcycles freely zip between rows of cars... making motorcyles the best traffic beating choice in this city.... and the most demanding form of transportation as well.

Another advantage of having the bike: Im no longer dependent on taxis. Thus, I have greater access to the city. I can ride anywhere... explore back streets.. commute to friends houses. This is one thing Ive missed about the American car culture... its nice to have transportation autonomy... especially in a city with public transportation as crappy as Bangkok's.



teabag said...

i was mortified by bkk's traffic when i was there 2 months ago, though i did enjoy my tuktuk ride much but i know i probably can't rely on that if i'm to stay in bkk for a while like what u're doing right now.

but i've heard the LRT/monorail is pretty decent though; betcha nothing beats having your own bike ;) Ah, i really like thailand, lucky you!

Oh and thanks for linking me, my privilege truly! and for the useful "tips" you posted on's publications, they really convicted and convinced me to give thailand a shot in choosing my next destination! ;)

i love reading your "expeditions" in BKK, so keep writing mate!

p/s. am still a girl, not yet a woman! ha!

AJ said...

Ha! OK... you are a great writer and an inspiring "girl" :)

And you are absolutely right about BKK traffic-- truly horrible. Its quite a challenge riding a motorcycle here, but good training I suppose.

Keep writing and travelling!!