Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Gandhi, Thoreau, Leary, and Internal Travel

by Skald

If all the Negroes and left-wing college students in the world had Cadillacs and full control of society, they would still be involved in an anthill social system unless they opened themselves up first.
--Tim Leary

Amen Dr. Leary! Mahatma Gandhi said much the same thing... as did Thoreau. Social activism is pointless without internal transformation first. Likewise, external travel (backpacking, wandering the world) accomplishes little unless accompanied before, during, or after by deep internal travel.

Whether through introspection, meditation, yoga, psychedelic shamanism.... or a combination of them all- the internal journey is absolutely vital. It takes primacy over our external travels and travails. What is the point, after all, if you return home the same uptight, egocentric, narrow minded idiot you were before you left?

The central truth of the matter is that travel is just another means of shifting (widening) consciousness. The traveler is generally more open, more sensually alive, more sensitive, more impressionable, and more aware. Thats the kick of travel- its a spiritual experience.... a transformative experience.

By recognizing this we can focus on it and increase the power of that transformation. That, to my mind, is the point of "intentional travel".


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