Saturday, August 06, 2005

Evil Muslims

by Skald

Muslims have now joined gays/lesbians as a pariah group that can be freely harassed. We are all careful and so "PC" when it comes to African-Americans, Latinos, etc.... but it is now acceptable in American culture to openly attack two groups: Gays and Muslims. Of these two, muslims are particularly vulnerable.

What a farce. A few Muslims fly into a building.. or explode some bombs... and suddenly MILLIONS of people worldwide are labelled as sub-human "terrorists". These people are cajoled to "control", "condemn", and "moderate" their "fellow radical muslims".

So why is it that the Christian Taliban are not given the same treatment. Christian Taliban have gunned down abortion doctors and others they disagree with. Good white Christian males blew up the federal building in Oklahoma. Good Christians are currently murdering Iraqi civilians in huge numbers. Good Christians are imprisoning and torturing muslims-- without charge or trial.

Why don't "moderate Christians" "control", "condemn", and "moderate" these fanatics? Why do we never read about the radicalization of Christianity?

This isnt about Islam. Its about whipping up fear and creating a government sanctioned scapegoat. Forget about the aggressive invasion of Iraq. Forget about the invasion of Afhganistan. Forget about the escalating aggression against Iran. Forget about America's suppport of Colombian death squads. Forget about the shaky economy and corporate control of virtually every aspect of American government and society...

All our problems are the fault of scary brown Muslims. They irrationally "hate our freedom". They are psychotic shizophrenic maniacs needlessly attacking our virtuous and innocent corporate-Christian empire.

Its all so simple. Black and white. The Muslim infidels are "evil"... the corporate Christians are "good".

Trust the government and the Republicans. Keep an eye out for suspicious brown people.

And thank God that you live in the "freest, richest, most perfect country that has ever existed".

Now get back to working and shopping.


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