Sunday, August 07, 2005


by AJ

Today I finally uploaded video from my camera to the computer.... video shot during my two month stay in Hiroshima. Of course, Hiroshima is in the news because of the 60th anniversary of the A-bomb.

So the city is on my mind. My primary feeling is one of gratitude for the place and the people I met. They were some of the most delightful people I have ever encountered. I remain impressed by the kindness, sweetness, and gentleness of most people I met.

Watching the video, I was also reminded how quiet and beautiful the city is. For a town its size, its very green. And, of course, I remember well how bicycle friendly Hiroshima is... bike paths everywhere, bicycle parking decks, wide sidewalks.

My greatest disappointment is that working in Japan is so difficult. The work culture tends towards workaholism. I was working insane hours and didnt have two days off in a row. Despite loving the city and its people.. despite making wonderful friends... I just couldnt endure the job.

This is a source of great frustration to me. Id love to live an extended time in Japan.. but I dont think I can stomach working there and its far too expensive to live there without a job. Perhaps one day I will luck into a relaxed job in Japan- and be able to spend a longer time getting to know the people and culture.

Until then, I wish the people of Hiroshima peace and happiness.... and thank you for the kindness you showed me during my two months in the city.


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