Thursday, August 18, 2005

Plug for Transitions Abroad

by AJ

Many folks email and ask me how to get information about working and living abroad. My first recommendation is always Transitions Abroad (and not just because Ive written articles for them :)

The T.Ab. website is packed full of info-laden articles for all regions of the world. They cover living, working, studying, and volunteering abroad. Its a fantastic site and should be your first stop if you're contemplating a move overseas.

Recently they added a new feature to their site: a travel writers forum. This is a place to share writing ideas and also to shamelessly plug your website or blog. .

Anyway, if you're starting to feel the pull of travel but have questions about the "how"..... start with them.


teabag said...

You should get your link up there soon for mankind sake! The world needs more people like you to mobilise them to think about stepping out of their comfort zone seriously. And oh! Your writings on transition aboard are superbly insightful, it will be a shame not to have you linked to their site, really!

By the way, do I call you Aj? Skald? or Hobo? gee.

AJ said...


Thanks for the very kind compliments... I will definitely put a shameless plug on the Transitions Abroad forums!

As for what to call me.. AJ or Skald is fine.... AJ being my "real" name.