Monday, August 08, 2005

Hobo Snobbery

by Skald

An email from a friend reminded me that Im often fast and loose with my language (part of the pleasure of blog writing, to be honest). But there is a danger.

One danger is that some readers may misinterpret what I mean by "Hobopoet"... may think of it as a fashion, or cool image, or a set of rules. Others may feel the need to define what makes someone a "real Hobopoet".

But thats all missing the point. Here's the point (as stated by Joseph Campbell): Follow Your Bliss!

Thats it. Everything else is method and technique. I advocate simplicity because simplicity expands freedom and freedom makes it easier to pursue your bliss. I attack wage slavery because most wage slaves jobs are anything but blissful.

I encourage self-examination, psychedelic shamanism, and travel because those things often lead to greater learning, freedom, and bliss.

But all those things, in the end, are just trappings. If working at IBM fires your passion, bathes you in ecstacy, and fills you with purpose and meaning... then by all means work for IBM.

I have nothing to write to such folks because Im wired differently than they are. I can only speak to the restless, wandering, creative, change-craving freaks who, like myself, find bliss in learning, exploration, and travel.


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Plark said...

That's a deffo. My thoughts exactly.