Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Some Good News and Some Bad News

by Skald

Have read quite a few dire predictions for the American Empire recently... in a wide diversity of publications and sites (everything from Business blogs to Rolling Stone).

Not sure how on-target they are, but certainly hope there is a kernal of truth in them. America lost its soul when it became and empire... how nice if we went back to being a normal country again.

Now all of this seems scary or annoying to many good American citizens, no doubt. The old suburban-corporate-white world is threatening to crumble. White collar jobs seem to be bleeding abroad just as manufacturing jobs once did. A flood of immigrants from south of the border bring a deluge of Spanish and new culture. China grows stronger everyday, and India too. Iran threatens to go nuclear. Cheap oil may be gone.

But if you're not attached to the suburban-nightmare, all this carries tremendous opportunities. If the American empire wanes, much of the rest of the world rises. Asia, Latin America, Europe... they are booming. Hobopoets have many opportunities. Most of these regions, for example, are hungry for English. So its easy to get a teaching job and have your travels funded. International schools are also breeding like mushrooms in a cow-patty.. presenting another educational field full of opportunities.

Internationally minded folks can find other opportunities as well.... writing, import/export, selling artwork, tour guiding,

For cyber geeks, the Cyber Hobo route presents a fantastic chance to work and travel. With a laptop and a good connection, you can do your work from anywhere. "Work at home" is an option, but so too is "work from the beach"... or "work on the road".

Those who cling to the old suburban Empire will suffer; but those who embrace the change will find a world of fabulous opportunities.

Are we entering the Age of the Hobopoet?


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