Monday, May 02, 2005


by Skald

"Always go where you want to go -- where your body and soul want to go. " --Joseph Campbell

Campbell wasn't big on grinding it out in a monotonous situation for money or security. Neither was Jack Kerouac. Nor Thoreau. Nor Rumi. Nor most of the people I admire.

And neither am I.

Before heading to Japan I realized that the number one reason I was going was for money. I had attacks of doubt,... for I'd written this phrase many times in my journal: "Whenever I do something primarily for money, it always ends in disaster".

But I dreamt of hordes of cash... and more specifically, of the ticket to South America it would buy... the freetime to wander that continent,... the Spanish lessons,... the salsa lessons,... a big stash in a savings account.

But it was about the money... and it has ended in disaster. I can't grind out a monotonous situation for cash. For higher purposes, maybe. But not for money. I'm just not built that way.


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Kris said...

I agree with you Whole-Heartedly!