Saturday, May 28, 2005

Cheap Livin

by AJ

Moved into an apartment yesterday... the monthly rent will be 2600 Baht (less than $80). Fresh fruit (pinapple, papaya, mango, etc.) is only 10 Baht on the street (25 cents). An omlette and rice.... less tahn 50 cents. A movie (such as Star Wars)... 100 Baht ($2.50).

Im back to cheap livin... and its a good thing too, as Im flat broke. Luckily, SE Asia is a place where you can live fairly comfortably on very little.

Which is another reason I enjoy being in this area. On the same budget, Id be fairly miserable in the States..... but here, I know my necessities can easily be met.

This represents a different kind of stability and security. There is the stability. that comes from a high-paying job with good benefits and good "job security"...... the kind favored by most suburbanites. But this security is mostly an illusion, as the increasing ranks of the "downsized" show. Lose your job and it all quickly goes down the drain.

Simplicity offers a more enduring form of stability. When you need very little, when you can get by on very little,... you are indeed in a more secure situation. Unemployment is not so scary in such a situation.

Needing less, being able to get by on less..... that is true security. True stability.



CuriousDragon said...

I agree, but certainly one can live a similarly cheap lifestyle WHILE making a crapload of money in the States. It is just habit for most people to blow all their money no matter how much they make. Making more money and not spending it is real security (though it is simultaneously wasted work in most cases).

AJ said...


Yes, yes indeed... that is the best strategy of all. More income and fewer needs. Its wise to pursue both strategies simultaneously.

As you said, Making more money and not spending it is the best security of all.

itrimble said...

Tell me about your place in Thailand. Is it in Bangkok ? How big is it ? I would also like to live thriftly while I am there and want to know the size ? I have seen a lot of prices around $8000 baht, that seems like a lot to me.. anyway looking forward to reading more of your stuff