Sunday, May 15, 2005

Luke Tan: Freelance Musician

I recently got an email from Athens based Hobopoet Luke Tan. Luke is a freelance musician who gives away his music for free.

Below is an excerpt from the email he sent me. Check out his album.

I am trying to do some online marketing for my new album, "life is but a Wheel",.......

Something about myself:

I myself am a 'hobopoet', or in other words a folk singer. I give my music away for free, on the internet or on the streets.

I haven't become an ex-pat yet, but my disinchantment with the current state of affairs in the US has led me to lead my present lifestyle. Not roaming, but homesteading. Trying to live below the radar, grow my own food, barter work for other needs. Anything to live below the poverty lline and not have to pay taxes to contribute to an unjust war. No credit cards, no phone, etc. I come to town to use the internet at a local coffee shop.

About the album:

The album is an interesting story, regarding life/love lost, remorsed, regained, and lost again. Has a lot of eastern philosophical influences, yet still plays alot with christian imagery. Here is a blurb that someone once wrote about it:

"Life is but a Wheel" is a narrative album that provokes the simple sound of a powerful song writer and his humble guitar. The most dominate theme, given away by the albums title, successfully presents the listener with the circular nature of life's unanswerable dualities in a subtle, intimate way. The album contains a
distinct mix of upbeat songs like "Die To Get Reborn" that are offset
by the sad realities life can toss out in "Prayer of the Young Widower". "Life is but a Wheel" bundles a country/folk sound that grabs any ear with steadfast lyrics that will satisfy the deepest critic.

You can download the album from my web site:

Thanks, and I hope you are doing well in your travels on this earth...


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