Thursday, May 05, 2005

Shackles Broken

by AJ

Goodbye to wage slavery. Goodbye to pimping for McEnglish. Goodbye to ridiculous and outdated teaching methods. Goodbye to controlling management. Goodbye to 12 hour days.

I've left David McEnglish... and Japan. On to sun. On to writing. On to travel. Back to working for myself and my dreams... not theirs.

Im euphoric... and sad. Sad to leave good friends. Sad to leave a wonderful city. I loved Hiroshima. But I found the work situation unbearable. I just can't go back to being a wage slave. Ive written it before.... once you take that big step into freedom, you have crossed a line. Your life changes. At first, you may not realize just how deep and profound that change is.

But Im getting it. Having tasted freedom, I can no longer stomach the kind of brain-dead wage slavery I encountered at David McEnglish. Just cant do it.

And so its a bitter-sweet parting..... bitter to leave my friends, sweet to leave the job.

Im a hobopoet once more.



Trevor Gay said...

Brilliant Aj

I admire you - I did the same thing after 35 years in management in the National Health Service in England!

I experienced the same feeling - sad to leave friends - happy to leave the shackles of controlling management.

You will 'fly' my friend - I know it

Good luck and keep in touch


AJ said...

Thanks for the Encouragement

Trevor, I appreciate the words of support. Im now back in the sun of the tropics and feeling great. I feel fifty pounds lighter now that Ive shaken free of my indentured servitude.

Ill provide more updates soon.

By the way, have you gotten Walden yet? Im curious to get your perspective on it.