Saturday, April 16, 2005

Young People

by AJ/Skald

Its an old cliche... an older man with a younger woman. This is a situation that, for some reason, sends many "older" women into a rage.

Well, Im living that cliche and not for the reasons most women think. No, Im not after a perfect nubile body. No, I dont want control. No, I dont need to be looked up to. No, it doesnt boost my ego. I, in fact, am wildly attracted to strong, confident, wild women.

The simple truth is, most women (and men!) my age bore the shit out of me. Most people don't age well. Their bodies grow flabby; and their minds too. They slip into monotonous routines... become obsessed with security and stability. Their brains calcify and creativity drains away. So too does their enthusiasm and passion.

Most people my age (37) are pathetic... half-dead. They have no curiousity... no engagement with life. They have nothing to talk about but their routine jobs, their kids, or their mundane complaints. They tire easily.

They no longer want to dance, or explore, or experiment. They fear the unknown.

I prefer younger people.... whatever their chronological age. I want to associate with people who are excited to be alive... who view the world with fresh eyes,... who question,... who wonder,.... As Kerouac said, I prefer the ones who burn bright.

People with energy and enthusiasm. People who despise monotony and will not tolerate it. I have a few friends like this who are my age or older. But they are rarities.

Most people die long before they die. Its a process I dont completely understand. Why do people succumb so easily to boredom? Why do they settle for shit-routines? How can they live the same day, day after day, for years?

"Most men live lives of quiet desperation" wrote Thoreau. He was right, of course. But why? Why do they kill their dreams so quickly?

I've been accused of "never growing up". I consider it a compliment.

Because "Growing up" is nothing but a code word for cowardice.

At the age of 37, Im surrounded by boring, half-dead cowards who never dared to live.

And that is why I don't date women my age.


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