Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Salvia Summary

by AJ/Skald

A Hobopoet reader recently encouraged me to share my salvia experiences... so here is the short summary version I sent him:

The short version is that the salvia experiences were incredibly powerful, unnerving, and very bizarre.  The strangest thing
was that they were all tied together thematically. I always encountered the same "beings" and they always presented an unfolding scene to me (each time they revealed more).

These "beings" were like tiny plasticine people with black heads and large eyes. They were of various colors and would arrange themselves into a scene. The scene was always of a particular street and house.... with a woman & a black dog. I saw this scene for the first time a few weeks before Jessica, my first girlfriend, was killed in a car accident... the woman in the visions resembled her (in a vague cartoon way) and Jessica always had black labs as pets.

After her death I continued to see this scene... eventually was shown a barn in the back of the house (her house had a barn).

The maddening thing is that while I feel there's a link.. there was no clear message. Nothing extraordinary was revealed. Did these visions mean anything?  Were they conjurations of my mind? Were they, in fact, a form of communication with other beings (as McKenna would suggest)? I dont know.

Im very curious to see if the same theme would emerge again... as its been two years since my last salvia experience.

Anyway, these sorts of visions always sound crazy when you talk about them. But they raise very interesting questions.


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