Saturday, April 16, 2005

Spring Cleaning

by AJ/Skald

Always scanning... fishing for eye contact. Hoping to save the world from boredom. At times its a doomed mission. Monotony enchroaches. The eyes dull. Sounds grow muffled.

The alluvium of experience gathers thick. Life becomes a burden. Predictable. Cheap. Thick and heavy.

Without periodic cleansing, this is the natural progression. Is it such a surprise that most old people are bitter and fearful?

The doors of perception must be cleansed. This is an essential human act, long recognized by ancient cultures.... long neglected by civilized ones.

They tell us that this is an age of information. Most speak these words proudly. But there is much danger in such an age. Information is often a code word for opinion... and opinion clouds the mind. Clouds it in a blue-coat dream.... a prison of concepts.

Our task is to awaken. Through meditation. Through choiceless awareness. Through herbal allies. Our minds need Spring cleaning as much as our homes.

Simply cease to cherish opinions.


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