Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Blissful Tropics

by AJ/Skald

Kicked back with a pipe... to my left a buzzing green mountain washed in darkness. A Sea shadow rolling to my right; stars above. Ahh Thailand.

Im ready to return to the tropics. Life wasnt perfect. I had my ups and downs. But I was happier there than any place in recent memory (5-10 years). Bangkok, for sure, got to me: frazzled, irritable on occaision... and the NOISE! Thats when the islands and the mountains called.

In Thailand I had access to euphoric plants. In Thailand I could indulge my movie habit almost every day ($2 movies!). I ate well. I visited temples. I lounged on beaches and rode scooters to villages.

It was always warm, almost always sunny. I had fewer money concerns. I could live, meagerly, off a writing income.... and live well off teaching and writing combined.

In Thailand I had transcendent visions. In Thailand I discovered innovative teaching methods.

Joseph Campbell wrote, "Follow Your Bliss, where ever it takes you".

My bliss resides in the tropics.

My bliss is calling me back to Thailand.


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