Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Muslim Country

by AJ

Im currently in Malaysia- a majority muslim country. And yet no one has threatened me. There are no suicide bombers. The place is quite peaceful. The people are very friendly.

Why doesn't the American media show this face of Islam?


matt said...

I agree Skald,

Ive lived here 3 years.. and 6 months in Indonesia (the most populous Muslim country in the world)and all I've ever gotten are smiles and acceptance!

Ive even experimented by picking the meanest looking dude I could find... and walked up to him and smiled. Inevitably a BIG smile breaks across his face 'How are you sir?'

Why doesn't McMerica show that side?

I often wonder if Id be treated the same if I had a dark bushy beard and olive skin wearing a robe walking through the streets of small town McMerica - 'land of the free and cultural melting pot'

I think I know the answer...


Phil said...

Hi Skald,

Keep up the thought provoking posts. Too bad dubbya doesn't read them.

Our family has always been open to new faces; new cultures. We are infinitely richer for all of it. As I grew up, in the 50's and 60's, my parents welcomed black migrant workers into our home for dinner. Rather than hate, we experienced and extended tolerance and love to those who lived on other areas of our planet, of all religious persuasions. And that was returned to us many times over.

So, yea, intolerance is the bottom line in the line of tyranny and war. I experience it in my neighborhood from so called "Christians".

If any of you have any inspiration on how to end intolerance, please comment!


AJ said...

Contact and Experience

Phil, I think you found the key distinction. What we need is direct contact with other people, other cultures. Its not enough to read about them.

A great many of Americans hold intense opinions about Muslims/Islam/Arabs.... and for most, its all virtual reality. They've never had a relationship of any kind with a muslim. Theyve never met a muslim.

Rather, they watch TV and read a few books and think they are experts.

But that is nothing but mediated propaganda. For the truth, you need direct contact and experience... such as your parents gave you.

We could use more parents like yours in the States.


AJ said...

Flip Side
I should note that Im not advocating a white-wash of Islam (or Christianity or Judaism). I certainly have BIG problems with much of the dogma of these religions... especially their emphasis on obedience, authority, language...

And another HUGE problem with these organized religions is their horrific treatment of women (a problem shared by organized Hinduism and Buddhism too).

But these traits are strong in Christianity as well, so it is very dishonest for the American media to emphasize them when covering Islam and whitewash them when it comes to Christianity.