Friday, June 24, 2005


by AJ

So you're sitting in that office again... bored... staring out the window. You glance at your watch and the clock. You count the minutes until lunch.... take the longest lunch you can get away with... then count the minutes again until its time to leave.

I used to be that way. I remember many extremely long and monotonous days... at social work agencies, at IBM, at the hospital.

But now Im excited to get up. Im excited to teach my students. Im excited to be in a foreign land that never gets cold.

Perhaps you are a person who values security and routine. Perhaps you are happy in a routine job. If so, I have nothing to say to you. Good luck. I wish you the best.

But if you are like me. If such a situation makes you feel like a wolf caught in a trap..... my advice to you is to LEAVE. Dont waste any more time. Go. Hit the road. Head to the airport. Get that passport.

Life is waiting.



Anonymous said...

Howdy AJ, yer probably wondering what the hell I've been up to up here! Unforuntately after walking hundreds of miles in nomadic feral wandering bliss, I've been sucked in by the call of money and civilization, and I'm now back in the grind, stuck in an office, and the 'wolf in a trap' feeling is starting to arise even though I've been here only a few days. But I rented an apt, need some serious $$$ and the impulse to settle down was too great. I had walked about 500 miles to get here and spent many a day scavenging without spending any money on the way. What an exhilerating trip that was, and I should write with details about it soon. Well, at least I've settled in an absolutely gorgeous livable warm little city up here in the mountains of southern BC, Canada - and that makes up a little bit for the fact that I just sold my freedom once again. I just might drop everything and hit the road again one day though.... they may call it wageslavery but you can still head for the exit door anytime. It's tough for me to admit all this, after being so staunchly anti-work a few months ago!

'Sunwalkr' (Dan)

freewriter said...

Sunwalkr: you must be in Nelson.

AJ: would you be able to direct me to any info on working teaching English in smaller towns in Thailand?

Anonymous said...

Nope, freewriter, its not Nelson, I'm in the Okanagan area - also very nice but more popular (and much more populated) though.

AJ said...

Teaching In Thailand

Freewriter,... check out Its got a great job board that lists many teaching jobs in the countryside. In fact, most people want to work in the cities, so you should have no problem getting a job.

Also see my teaching website: Effortless Acquisition for general info. I recommend the link to Stickman's guide to Bangkok... which also has good info on Thailand in general.

Good luck. Email me if you need more info.