Friday, June 03, 2005


by AJ

Rented motorbikes today and cruised around Penang.... mucho fun. There is a huge qualitative difference between driving a car and riding a motorcycle. The cycle experience is more immediate. You are in touch with the elements and the surroundings... not bubbled off from them by glass.

We cruised the road along the beach, winding along curves, up and down hills... till we found a spice plantation. We stopped at their cafe and I had spiced ice coffee. The cafe perched atop a hill that looked out to the sea. Tall trees arched overhead- they contained black monkeys with long tails, who eyed us as we eyed them.

Todd and I have talked about driving across America/C.America/S.America someday. Id thought Id do it in a van... but I now think such a trip calls for a motorcycle.



matt said...

Hey Skald!

Glad you find the motorcycle enjoyable!

I really enjoy mine! Once you get over the initial fear it's pretty easy to get around!

Wish I could have come up for the weekend!

Don't forget to have some roti canai, masala thosai and sample the famous Penang curry... you should be able to find egg or potato curry to suit your veggie habits!

take care!

AJ said...

Piggin Out


We did indeed pig out... especially on Indian food. Ive said it before and still think its true: Malaysia has the best Indian food in the world.... better than India, in fact.

My motorbike experience here has also peaked my interest... I may get a motorbike in Bangkok- though riding in Bangkok's chaotic traffic might not be such a pleasant experience.