Sunday, June 19, 2005

Foul Stinking Evil

by AJ/Skald

I found this link on Bruce Eisner's excellent site: Quotes from the Amercan Taliban

It contains direct quotes from rightwing Christians. To my mind, nothing exposes their fanatical and hate-filled worldview quite like their own words. Here we find the core of the Christian Right's "Family Values": hatred, fear, loathing, venom, and plain stupidity. These are ignorant and dangerous morons and its about time they were outed.

Why does the media play nice with them? Why aren't these sorts of quotes presented on CNN, the network news, newspapers, etc.? Why are "liberals" and "progressives" so soft on these bastards?

Read their quotes and realize... these people cannot be reasoned with. They cannot be compromised with.

There is no effective strategy but to expose them and fight them with intensity, humor, and ferocity.



matt said...

It's hard to believe folks can be that ignorant.

But then again little boys have been routinely sodomized by Catholic priests and it is over looked, we somehow forget about The Crusades and The Inquisition and the countless folks that died in the hands of 'loving Christians', and that McMerica was actually inhabited BEFORE Columbus 'discovered' McMerica and the colonization and conversion of Natives into 'good Christians' followed.

I'm not too surprised.


Anonymous said...

Using these quotes to justify your hatred for all Christians is narrow minded. You are just hearing what you want to hear.

The quote from Bush saying god told him to strike saddam and alqueda is a well known urban legend anyway. Of course that dosnt mattter. I'm a traveling American Iraqi who knows christ and I have more in common with you than you would ever know or admit. I wont apologize or be made to feel guilty for my beliefs, my nationality, or skin color, nor do I expect you or anyone else to. IF only you could meet my family in Iraq who are christians and their community full of love, compassion. They have a hope now. though, Its a painfull stuggle as all new Births are. America didnt start the war, it ended the war against the iraqi people. Open your Mind. They are lying to you. we really do have more in common than not.

AJ said...


Re: Anonymous. I don't hate all Christians... just the right-wing, hate-filled, war-mongering, homophobic ones (currently the most powerful and vocal ones).

As for Iraq, I find your denial amazing. America DID start the war- to my knowledge, Iraq was not planning to invade America any time soon. As for the Iraqi people, they now enjoy death and torture from Americans and sectarian militias instead of Saddam Hussein. I cant speak for them, but it doesnt seem like much of an improvement to me.

Finally, I find it strange that you claim to be a) full of love and compassion and b) fully support invasion and war.

Most rightwing Christians share your rather loose interpretation of the commandment "thou shalt not kill". Apparently, what "God" actually meant was "thou shalt not kill unless the President of the United States says its OK (and only if he is a Christian Republican)."