Wednesday, June 04, 2003

by Skald

How to describe the extraordinary experiences of the last two weeks? Being essentially wordless, it is near impossible to illustrate with words. All I can describe is the effects of the 10 day Vipassana course I completed. I feel lighter, more balanced, more harmonious... Happier! I feel I passed through a purifying fire. My mind and body hum with energy.

What a tremendous gift these courses are... absolutely free to any who are willing to make the commitment and work diligently. As promised, there was no collection plate at the end... only a table where you could leave donations if you wanted to. I left a very small one, as it was all I could afford. I wish I could have given more, as the benefits were truly priceless.

I look on those 10 days as a sort of spiritual "basic training".... a wonderful foundation for a deeper and more meaningful life. I encourage all Hobopoets to investigate this technique for themselves. Courses are held world-wide: Vipassana Courses.

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