Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Kristin In an Indiana Coffee Shop
by Skald

Kristin is scratching her bare feet- she looks soft and warm and comfortable--- loose tan jeans, burgandy shirt with white fleck spots and a large "Ganesh" sitting on the front;

Her auburn-brown hair hangs loose around the shoulders, soft smooth skin, very inviting......
She's sunk back in a deep cushioned chair-- clutching a book with her left hand... nibbling the fingernails of the other one.

Her nose is in profile (I want to squeeze it)-- the tiny silver stud is to my side. She has a thin thread bracelet on her right wrist.

Her left leg is crossed over the right, left foot bare... toe nails tipped with orange henna-stains. The other foot is still in its plastic flip-flop---- henna toes are exposed. She curls her feet while nibbling nails and turning pages.

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