Wednesday, June 04, 2003

More Joy at Barnes and Noble
by Skald (10/18/02)

A couple of corporate slime came down to the store yesterday and fired our manager without notice. Of course he deserved it-- true believers are always the first to get it in the back. Still, the incident enflamed my rage towards work and corporate America.

Those scum drone on and on about loyalty, obedience, policy, service and yet they discard employees like trash. They "expect" two weeks notice but give none themselves.

But more maddening is the pathetic simpering of fellow employees. They whine a little but are amazingly slavish and docile. No one had enough dignity remaining to even get angry. They just ducked low and hoped they wouldnt be next.

I was furious and wanted to pound the shit out of that corporate cock-sucker Mark.... I desperately want to kick that bastard into unconciousness (some Buddhist I am!). He's the epitome of a Burroughsian "shit"... a rule quoting meddler... a policy hound. The sad fucker lives for Barnes and Noble and swells with orgasmic joy because of the ounce of authority he gets there. He'll be a perfect regional manager someday.... though he'll get it in the back eventually.

I despair for America. Are there any Men or Women left? Is anyone free? Are there any "Johnsons"... those upstanding folks who mind their own business and live as they please?

Once we had Thoreau, Whitman... Henry Miller,.... Hemingway.... Kerouac and Ginsberg.

What remains? Fat money grubbers. Docile corporate slaves. Obedient Christian fanatics: A nation of retarded TV addicts. God Bless Us. God Bless Us all.

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