Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Thoughts About Jessica
by Skald

She was always smiling-- so much so that I strain to find synonyms for the word-- for she had as many smiles as eskimoes have snow.... such a simple thing yet she could express surprise, curiousity, ecstacy, warmth, concern, irony, enthusiasm, sadness, innocence, and seduction with subtle variations of her grin.

Optimism was a decision for her- her chosen route out of a painful childhood. At some time before I met her she decided not to surrender, not to give up, not to follow the path of bitterness, not to wallow in anger, not to despair. She beat everyone who stood in her way-- teachers, bullies, grown ups, critics, her boyfriend--- she beat them with a relentless determination to be happy.

She beat them all.

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