Sunday, February 27, 2005


by AJ-Skald

Have now arrived in Hiroshima... butt-ass cold and grey skies, kind of a harsh change from warm and sunny Thailand. Right now this isnt seeming like such a great idea. But Im a hobopoet and am always ready to move one. Meanwhile Ill be exploring the town and area and making some cash for the next journey.

The worst shock at the moment is sticker shock... holy shit this place is expensive. In Bangkok I paid 5 baht for a liter of water (15 cents or so)... in Japan Im paying over a dollar for a liter of water. Im hungry all the time because I cant afford to eat out much, though Im living in a hotel for free right now. The town itself is fairly nice though insanely orderly compared to Bangkok. Its quite humorous to watch the Japanese patiently wait at the crosswalks.. even when there are no cars... much different than the dash & dodge system in Thailand.

Internet cafes are super expensive too... thus the drop off in posts. Hope to get settled soon and start writing more. Until then....

Im cold, hungry, and lost in Hiroshima.....

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