Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dog Food

by AJ/SKald

Whines and whimpers came from the cages... stacked three high. Each held a slender, tan colored dog. Black eyes stared into mine, tails tucked low, head down. Some spun in their cages frantically. Others sat, looking dejected. A queasy feeling birthed in my gut and shot up my throat-- my eyes misted. I put my head down and hurried through the cage-crowded alley, took the first right, and opened onto a wide street barren of cars. It was lined with large stalls-- each fronted by a long tray filled with ice. Slabs of raw meat , mostly legs, were stacked on the ice. At the end of each skinned leg, a paw.

I stared in sickened fascination at the butchered dog legs.... rows of them. Korean men strolled the street, some strolled briskly while others paused to shop for dog meat. Iced melted from the trays and dripped onto the sidewalks.... the stink of raw meat hung in the air.

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