Monday, February 14, 2005

Pointing Fingers

by AJ/Skald

The problem with pointing your finger at people is that it has a bad habit of curling back towards you. I'm quite fond of railing against the sterile ugliness of schools and offices; and rightly so. But I just loaded Hobopoet and it struck me that, damn, this blog is butt ugly. And sterile. And muted. Really doesn't seem to fit.

So I suppose I should take my own advice and inject some mojo into the site. At first I thought of trying to figure this out myself but Im hopeless when it comes to graphic arts. So the better option is to find some artsy & websavvy folks to help me. This will have to wait for a couple of months, however-- until I get to Hiroshima and get settled. Once there I hope to barter for someone's services... some help with Hobopoet's graphics in exchange for a couple of articles or some free English lessons.

With this in mind, I am certainly open to suggestions as to what sort of graphics would best fit the Hobopoet content.


Kris said...

The design of your blog is fine. I would suggest changing colors, however. The dark parts of the blog would look nice as dark blue, and the light parts I would make light blue.

AJ said...


Thanks for the suggestions. I'll tackle the design once Im settled in Hiroshima... and will keep your suggestions in mind. Gracias (or perhaps I should say, "arigato").

Steve Sherlock said...

Your blog is fine. The content is far more important than the glitz that some others have.

I discovered Hobopoet a few days ago and have been cruising through it to catch up with you.

The depth of content here is quite impressive. Keep up the good writing. Good luck on your continued travels!