Sunday, July 20, 2003

HPN Post
from Joe Reynolds

Not much will to get anything done lately. Just stewing in my own juices in this heat. Way too much time on my hands and having trouble finding good things to do and fill it with. Once more I find that I define a large part of the problem as I have no place to go. Let me phrase that better - no place to be, as in home. That part really gets to me. Lonely doesn't cover it by a long shot. Then again even alone just that time having my own room even without a kitchen was still so much better than this. Holidays are worse especially the ones where everything shuts down!. I mean after all what the hell is there to do other than sit in my van parked behind the mall in the alleyway?

Whoopie... real big whoopie

I have no real friends here at this time. those who were all moved away so I get to take me amd me to the movies, better than no movies but fact is I enjoy them so much more with company.

Put out the copies of STREET SHEET I got in the mail and they caused quite a stir. Idiot manager was appalled and also afte reading one said it is so much better to join the establishment but then again he is also such a gormless inverebrate sheep. (the wonders of bio-engineered life forms?) Also a laugh there as he is so far on the outside of local establishment that it isn't funny. Like the old story a rabbi told me about how evil doesn't need to chase people considering how busy humans are chasing after evil.

Gods my face itches from not having shaved the last two days.Must do that...
Next week van gets new brakes and hopefully warranty dispute will be cleared up or I can find someone to just crack the box and tell me what is wrong with the laptop. also a moillion and four things I need to do but really can't give a damn.
Otherwise life is beautiful...

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