Thursday, July 24, 2003

Dating and Van Living
by Skald

I recently got an email from a hobopoet who is contemplating van living. He expressed concern that such a change would make him undatable... and cited similiar concerns that I had expressed in a post.

Well, I don't want to scare anyone off. Truth is, I did think I had become undatable. I went over a year without a single date. I felt undesirable. I assumed that women would look down on me for what I was doing.

This was a self-fulfilling prophecy and nothing more. As I have become comfortable and proud of my lifestyle, my dating life has improved. I'm now dating someone. More to the point, I was recently told by a girl that many women in town were interested in me-- but were confused because I acted so aloof around them. In retrospect, I realize I never approached girls, or even flirted, because I dreaded the question, "where do you live".

All those problems were in my head. Contrary to my expectations, I have found that many girls are fascinated by my choice and are very curious. Of course the typical 9to 5 types may be appalled,... but there are many intelligent and creative folks who understand and admire the hobopoet philosophy.

The only reason I write this is to encourage folks who are considering a hobopoet life. Car living will not condemn you to celibacy if thats not what you want! Once you become confident about your choice it will no longer be a problem. Good luck!

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