Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Not Sexy

by Skald

One thing I've thought of writing about is my current experiment with building a freelance income. At the moment, I'm engaged in an effort to create my own freelance teaching income. My goal is to totally free myself from bosses, schools, and administrators.

Part of this strategy is to build both a face-to-face clientele and an online one. A solid base of online students would give me a highly flexible income. It would allow me to travel and/or move about the world while maintaining a steady money supply-- independently.

This is where my energies are currently focused. I know, its not terribly sexy. I'm not exploring a new country, or testing the far limits of simple living, or other "at the edge" endeavors.

But this project is very important. However much I enjoyed traveling, I have always had the specter of employment hanging over me. Eventually the money ran out and I was forced, like some sad beggar, to beg for work (ie. "apply for a job"). This has always nagged at me, despite success at reducing the hours and days I needed to be a wage slave.

Economic freedom is vital. It really doesn't matter what form this takes. It might be a standard business (though this is far too anchored for my tastes). It might be a very simple cottage industry, such as fashioning beaded jewelry and selling it at festivals. Ambitious or modest, settled or nomadic, to live free it is absolutely essential to be one's own economic master.

And so, I am currently engaged in the less-than-sexy, but vitally important experiment of building a freelance teaching income.

Since this constitutes the bulk of my current thoughts and experiments, I'll start sharing my ups, downs, strategies, and ideas on this topic here on Hobopoet.

I'll also look forward to future nomadic adventures- which will be independently funded!


Anonymous said...

Being one's own master is a very worthy goal. All the best to you on this part of your journey.

woman wandering said...

I just found your site via Slackertravel ... good luck with your plan :)

Plark said...

All the best Skald. I'm hoping you achieve this.

What a great way to live life.

Ryan Garou said...

Is it just my monitor or did this site turn minty green all of a sudden?

Phil said...


I enjoy your blog. My son benefited greatly during his teaching stint in Thailand on info that you provided to me.

As you your current sojourn, don't get discouraged. Keep your demons at bay... they are always there and ready to take you down.

Phil said...


As with any business venture, one should prepare a business plan.

Your challenge is to develop the marketing plan portion of the business plan. Who are you aiming for.. you need to segment your customer base. Then, you need to differentiate your product... like, what makes you unique from others.

Once you have done this, and follow through, I am absolutely confident that you will find success.

I always keep in mind something I heard a long time ago. Luck favors the backbone, not the wishbone.

Good fortune to you, and thank you for writing your blog.

Phil B